conference room and notepad

Board of Directors

Donald C. Emerson

Donald C. Emerson, Chairman

Louis G. Guillette

Louis G. Guillette, Vice Chairman

William T. Carey

William T. Carey, Treasurer

John R. Reigner

John R. Reigner, Security Officer

Past Chairman, 2009–2012

Lawrence Bouley

Lawrence Bouley, Director

Past Chairman, 2015–2018

Richard T. Grover

Richard T. Grover, Director

In Memoriam
Past Chairman, 2002–2004

Brian D. Harrington

Brian D. Harrington, Director, Clerk

William G. O'Brien

William G. O’Brien, Director

Past Chairman, 2006–2009

F. Rory Santaniello

F. Rory Santaniello, Director

Donald R. Senecal

Donald R. Senecal, Director

William Flaherty

William Flaherty, Director

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