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Cash Management

We make running your business easier with cash management services,
including direct deposit and direct payments, night drop, and online and mobile banking.

Contact our Business Services Team to learn how to make our cash management services work for you.

Direct Deposit

Save time on payroll services and accounts payable with our electronic direct deposit (ACH Origination) services. Payroll and direct pay can now be processed from your desk—with no need to prepare, generate or distribute checks—because saving time is saving money!

Direct Payments

We offer direct payments to expedite how quickly your business is paid. It’s quicker, easier and more reliable when you electronically collect payments by directly debiting customer accounts.

Night Drop

For a $25 deposit, we provide you with a large, secure bag for your receivables. You can drop the bags into the external deposit box located at your local branch after business hours using a key we provide. Our Freedom team processes and deposits the receipts to your accounts within one business day, giving you faster access to available cash.

Online and Mobile Banking

Running a business takes time, which means you don’t always have time to do your banking during regular business hours. Our online banking service makes it easy for you to check balances and transactions, transfer funds, and schedule transfers and electronic payments, all when it’s convenient for you.

For even more flexibility, you can download our mobile app and conduct your business banking on the go.

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