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You Deserve a Dream Vacation: We’ll Help Make It a Reality

Spending too much time envying your friends’ vacation pics on Instagram? Wish you were there? Time to stop dreaming. In recognition of National Savings Day, we’ll help you make your dream vacation a reality with these three tips:

  1. Get inspired. Where do you want to go? Narrow down your destination and do some research. Print a picture or two to hang in your office or even on your fridge to keep your goal top-of-mind.
  2. Start saving today. We make it easy with our Vacation Club because you simply set it and forget it. You determine the amount of money to have automatically transferred into the fund every month, and when you are ready to travel, you’ve got a tidy sum set aside for your vacation. For example, putting aside $100 per month for 12 months will give you $1,260, including interest—enough to hit the slopes, the coast or wherever else your wanderlust takes you.
  3. Sign up for deal alerts. Many travel sites offer deal alerts for flights, accommodations and vacation packages. Check them frequently or sign up for their alerts to get a great deal that lets you make the most of your savings.

When it comes to saving—for your next adventure, next home, next car, whatever—we can help with options including share savings and club accounts, certificates, Money Market and IRA accounts. We also offer a variety of loans when you need additional help. Open an account, apply for a loan online or stop by any of our 11 convenient locations today.