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Freedom Credit Union


Merger Vote Information


 Special Membership Meeting for Freedom Credit Union


A meeting of the members will be held at Freedom Credit Union’s Main Office at 1976 Main Street, Springfield MA on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 4:30 PM for the following purpose:

  1.  To approve the intention to merge with WEST SPRINGFIELD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, West Springfield, Massachusetts; and
  2. As part of this merger transaction, amend the by-laws of FREEDOM CREDIT UNION to include WEST SPRINGFIELD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION's current membership eligibility.

Under the terms of the merger, WEST SPRINGFIELD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION will merge with and into FREEDOM CREDIT UNION under the charter, by-laws and name of FREEDOM CREDIT UNION. The main office of FREEDOM CREDIT UNION would remain the main office of the continuing credit union and the sole banking office of WEST SPRINGFIELD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION would be retained as a branch office of FREEDOM CREDIT UNION.

Please click here to read the proposed amended by-laws.