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Cruising, Camping, and Cybersecurity

7-17-2017 (Be Cyber Aware!) - As you head out to take your summer vacations be sure you stay Cyber secure while you're away. Here are some ways to be safe and smart with your high-tech devices, Internet usage, and social media while travelling.

Pause-Think-Then Share - Always be careful how much you post on social media about your vacation plans before and during your travels. Cyber criminals are reading your posts too. Avoid posting to friends where and when you are going to travel, this type of information will only inform the criminal when your home will be unattended and where you are staying on vacation.

Turn-off Auto-Connect Services - Smartphone and other mobile devices have an Auto-Connect feature that will search for and automatically connect your device to any WiFi network without your approval or interaction...this is not a good thing. This means that you could be using an insecure, unencrypted public WiFi network, or even one that was set up by a malicious actor to eavesdrop on your browsing and connection activity. If you want to connect to a store or hotel network, just check with an employee of that establishment to see what the correct network is called and asked if they can provide a network password for a more secure, encrypted network. Rule of thumb: Always use a secure, encrypted network that requires a login password if you have the option. Additionally, when connecting to these types of WiFi networks make sure you do not choose the "remember this network" or "join this network automatically".

Lock Your Device and Keep Them Close - Always keep your mobile devices on you or with someone you trust. Never leave a device unattended while travelling. There is a common SCAM out there that targets people who leave devices sitting next to them. The scam involves another traveler approaching you and begins a conversation or asks for help and then they lay a magazine or newspaper over your device. While you are being distracted with the conversation they will pick up your device covered by the magazine or newspaper they laid down over your device.